Port and Harbor Development

Port of Durres Development

Durres, Albania

Owner: The World Bank

Wilbur Smith Associates, with OSI as the marine survey specialist, supported the International Development Agency (IDA) Durres Port Project. The overall scope of this project was to assist the Albanian Authorities in carrying out future Port Development. The team was responsible for performing the following tasks:

  • Environmental and port operability assessments
  • Impact of marine structures
  • Safety issues for fuel handing
  • Ship waste management

Supporting the first of the above objectives, Ocean Surveys performed a detailed hydrographic and subbottom profiling survey of the Port of Durres, its approach channel and a previously designated offshore disposal site. In addition, investigations were conducted of a proposed dredge material disposal site located along the shoreline to the east of the Harbor entrance breakwater.

Figure 1: Unloading OSI-hydrographic, geophysical and RTK DGPS equipment in Albania.

Figure 2: Derelict vessels in the Port of Durres.

Figure 3: OSI survey team member (left) with Albanian Navy and onsite Client representatives.