Ocean Outfall Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Owner: Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA)

As part of an ongoing study, Ocean Surveys provides water quality monitoring services to support a 301(h) Waiver and Mixing Zone Validation Study offshore Ponce, PR.

OSI field teams have conducted 11 quarterly operations at the Ponce effluent outfall. Services routinely provided include: "clean techniques" water sampling, ADCP current velocity monitoring, CTD/DO/pH vertical profiling, benthic sediment grab sampling, and ROV pipeline inspection. The ROV collected video data along the entire length of the outfall structure, paying particular attention to the six diffuser risers and the manways along the length of the pipe.

Successful inspection of the entire outfall system was accomplished with Ocean Surveys' DOE Phantom HD2 ROV. OSI's combined surface and USBL underwater navigation system merged with the vehicle's internal fluid gimbled fluxgate compass provided sub-meter positioning accuracy during all phases of ROV operations.

Figure 2: ROV video frame documenting benthic habitat.

Figure 1: ROV video of a functioning diffuser.