Shoreline Protection

Offshore Borrow Area Investigation

Onslow Bay, Bogue Island, NC

Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District

An Ocean Surveys field team equipped with an array of state-of-the-art positioning, hydrographic and geophysical survey equipment conducted a marine survey in Onslow Bay offshore Bogue Island, NC. The survey investigation focused on assessing sand resources and areas of hard bottom within a rectangular area measuring approximately 28 x 5 statute miles commencing 0.5 statue mile seaward of Bogue Island.

Remote sensing data was analyzed to determine areas of probable offshore sand resources supporting selection of candidate vibratory core sampling stations. Following subsequent acquisition and analysis of vibratory cores by the USACE, the remote sensing data was reanalyzed to delineate and estimate the quantity of suitable sand resources within the survey area.

Figure 1: Beach profiling sled being towed through the surf zone.

Figure 2: Certificate of Appreciation

Figure 3: Sand resource identification — boomer/chirp subbottom profiling (SBP), bathymetric, magnetic survey and vibratory coring.