To date, Ocean Surveys has performed more than 100 multibeam and 3,000 single-beam hydrographic surveys. This work includes surveys performed for federal, state, municipal and commercial clients at project sites worldwide.

OSI performs automated hydrographic surveys to precisely chart underwater topography employing the following technologies:

  • Conventional DGPS and Real Time Kinematic OTF vessel positioning
  • Computerized navigation and data logging
  • Single and dual frequency depth sounding
  • Multibeam and HydroSweep (multi-transducer) sounding
  • Towed sled automated beach and surf zone profiling

All surveys are directed by hydrographers certified by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) performed in compliance with quality standards prescribed in the US Army Corps of Engineers hydrographic surveying manual.

For more information contact George Reynolds at 860-388-4631 ext. 112. George is an ACSM certified Inshore Hydrographer (certificate 183) and has managed OSI's hydrographic survey section since 1975.

Representative projects include: