Submarine Cable

HubLine Submarine Natural Gas Pipeline Crossing

Massachusetts Bay - Salem to Weymouth, MA

Owner: Duke Energy

OSI initially performed a desktop study to compile geologic, oceanographic, sediment chemistry and maritime activity background information supporting the feasibility assessment of the project. This research was followed by a reconnaissance level marine investigation which entailed a geophysical survey along an alignment crossing Massachusetts Bay.

The reconnaissance level survey was followed by detailed geophysical, geochemical and geotechnical investigations along multiple candidate submarine gas pipeline routes. The surveyed routes covered 28.76 statute miles connecting Salem with Weymouth via Beverly Harbor, Salem Sound, Massachusetts Bay, Nantasket Roads and the Weymouth Fore River. The multiphase investigation was designed to provide pertinent data to characterize/evaluate the seafloor, underlying near-subbottom stratigraphy and cultural resources - supporting permitting, design and construction activities (i.e., trenching, jetting and anchoring).

Figure 1: Location map for the preferred submarine pipeline corridor based on analysis of multi-sensor hydrographic and marine geophysical survey data.

Figure 2: Seismic reflection profile showing the variable subsurface startigraphy.

Figure 3: Side scan sonar record showing surficial geology and seafloor objects.