Hazardous Materials Investigation

Contaminated Sediment Sampling

Superfund Site, Northeastern United States

Owner: Confidential

Ocean Surveys conducted extensive sediment sampling, in-situ ground water migration, vane shear and mini-cone penetrometer testing at a designated Superfund site located in the northeastern US. This work was part of a supplemental data investigation performed in support of a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS).

OSI was tasked with obtaining:

  • 8m long sediment core samples from 23 locations
  • 2m long sediment core samples from 10 locations
  • 1m depth interval vane shear and continuous cone penetrometer measurements from 13 locations

Figure 1: OSI Model 1200 pneumatic vibratory corer with 10-foot long, 4" diameter core barrel (3.5" ID sample tube), onboard R/V Candu at contaminated sediment project location.

Figure 2: Servicing of OSI Model 1200 pneumatic vibratory corer equipped with 20-foot long sampling barrel.

Figure 3: OSI’s 36' x 16' coring platform, R/V Candu.