Power Generation and Distribution

Marine Site Investigations - El Faro LNG Power Project

Puerto Cortes, Honduras

Owner: AES Honduras

Ocean Surveys performed a multi-disciplined marine investigation including hydrographic, geophysical, oceanographic, meteorological and biological studies in the waters off Puerto Cortes in the Gulf of Honduras.

This investigation was conducted to collect scientific data in support of the design of a proposed power plant and marine terminal expansion on the west shore of the Cortes peninsula, north of Punta Caballos, in the El Faro district. The power plant will provide service to much of Honduras with transmission into El Salvador as well. The plant requires construction of cooling water intake and discharge pipelines, coastal protection structures, and a pier facility for offloading liquefied natural gas (LNG) that will be used to power the plant.

Figure 1: OSI survey vessel shipped to proposed Honduras power plant site to ensure efficient completion of survey operations during the four-month survey period.

Figure 2: Texaco Oil terminal adjacent to the proposed El Faro, Honduras, LNG power plant.