OSI has an opening for an entry level project scientist interested in conducting marine and fresh water geophysical surveys for engineering and environmental applications. Tasks will include acquisition of survey data using high-resolution reflection and refraction subbottom profiling, magnetic, side scan sonar, depth sounding, and ground penetrating radar techniques, as well as the processing and presentation of these data into digital, graphic and text (report) formats. Work will include a mix of field and office assignments, with domestic and international travel an integral part of the job (30-40%). Applicant must have a BS degree in geophysics or geology (preferably marine). Related work experience and small boat handling experience would be helpful, but not necessary.
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OSI currently has openings for entry level and experienced Hydrographers. On-the-job training will be provided for all levels of experience. These positions represent an opportunity for engineers and scientists who are interested in a career involving lakebed, riverbed and seafloor mapping using state-of-the-art remote sensing instrumentation. OSI utilizes standard single beam (single and dual frequency), multibeam and multi-transducer sweep systems, and scanning sonars to map bottom topography, bedforms, natural and manmade debris, and to create 3D imagry of sites. Duties include project setup, fieldwork, data processing, analysis of survey results, report preparation, client liaison and all other activities associated with our firm's scientific and engineering support services. These projects include surveys for NOAA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, as well as for numerous engineering clients supporting their permitting and design efforts on a wide variety of environmental remediation and infrastructure projects. These include pre-and post-dredge projects, reservoir safe yield analysis, cable and pipeline routing, navigation, environmental analysis/permitting, modeling and construction. Work will be both domestic and foreign, and involve frequent travel for periods of one day to several weeks. OSI offers excellent benefits and pay to qualified personnel.
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Electronics Technician

Position is for a field technician who will travel as an integral part of a survey crew (usually two to three people). Duties involve support of geophysical and oceanographic survey work, generally aboard small boats (less than 30 feet). Field responsibilities will be to assist with setting up and operating remote sensing equipment for data collection, and the maintenance of this equipment when problems occur. Office responsibilities will include preventative maintenance of field equipment, repairs, developing new equipment and testing and checking equipment in preparation for field projects. Expect more than 50 % travel, mostly domestic but some overseas. We are looking for someone with a strong electronics background, good computer skills, and preferably small boat experience who wants to be part of a survey crew, using electronics troubleshooting skills when needed.
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Shop/Field Assistant

Entry level position available for a person interested in environmental surveying. This position will have a component of shop maintenance work on boats, vans, trailers, and survey equipment. It will also involve working as a member of field teams on environmental sediment sampling with occasional support of hydrographic, oceanographic, and geophysical surveys. Strong mechanical and computer skills and small boat experience is a plus. Expect more than 50% travel, mostly domestic, with some international if candidate is interested.
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Hydrographic Data Analyst

This position involves primarily office work in OSI's data processing group. Duties include using custom and commercially available software to process hydrographic, and at times oceanographic and geophysical, survey data into final charts and maps. The successful candidate must have strong PC skills and familiarity with AUTOCAD or MICROSTATION. Bachelors degree in physical sciences preferred.
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This position is for an experienced full-time mechanic. Responsibilities include routine maintenance and repair of a wide variety of equipment, including but not limited to: outboard motors, generators, vans, and boat trailers. The position also includes a support role in the other activities of our repair, maintenance, and fabrication facility, supporting worldwide environmental and marine surveying operations. Applicant must have good mechanical skills and the ability to finish work in a timely manner with limited supervision in a dynamic environment. Also, the availability to work some evenings and weekends is required. Knowledge of pneumatic and hydraulic is a plus.
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Ocean Surveys, Inc.
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Ocean Surveys is an equal opportunity employer and offers a full benefits package.