Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

Wastewater Outfall Siting

Alexandria, Egypt

Owner: United States Agency for International Development

Wastewater treatment and disposal facilities serving the City of Alexandria, Egypt, are being modernized and upgraded. Feasibility studies require thorough evaluation of wastewater disposal alternatives, including an ocean outfall.

To support that evaluation, OSI conducted a multi-disciplinary survey program under contract to Metcalf & Eddy International for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This study consisted of a year-long in situ oceanographic monitoring program in the Mediterranean Sea off Alexandria, a marine geophysical survey of an expansive coastal area, and dye dilution studies of inland lagoon and offshore areas.

Figure 1: Dye dilution contours representing wastewater discharge into the Mediterranean.

Figure 2: Fort Qait Bey - Overlooking offshore survey area, Alexandria, Egypt.